Dapper Day – Disneybound – Prince Phillip

This Fall, I chose to Disneybound as Prince Phillip for our Sleeping Beauty group Disneybound, and here are the apparel pieces that made the outfit possible:

1. My little black dress from Forever 21, that I love to recycle for Disneybounds because of its sleek but chic fit. Though Phillip’s tunic is brown in the feature film, I thought black would work just as well since the sleeves of his undershirt are black.  I wore a tan colored belt with a gold loop to match the one Phillip wears, which helped to add that touch of brown. In a sense, I simply inverted the colors of Phillips core body pieces.

ASOS-Deep-V-Bow-Front-Dress2. Covering my dress I wore a Women’s V-Neck Cardigan from Target to represent Phillip’s cape. How to wear the cape became an essential aspect to the Disneybound after my dorm mate Kirsten mentioned that my dress and cape combination resembled more of Thor. So rather than tying the sleeves over the front of my collarbone, I inserted my arms through the sleeves and pulled the cuffs to rest at my elbow.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 9.01.56 PM

3. However, instead of buttoning up the cardigan I bought gold tone sweater guards to hold the cardigan in place. I particularly loved the ones I bought from Judydeirdre from Ebay because the red marble stones and gold sun clips fit appropriately for Phillip’s royal heritage.


4. A noteworthy detail to Prince Phillip’s outfit is his riding hat, which I represented with a red pillbox hat I bought from sawing878 on Ebay. To complete the look of the hat, I found short purple feathers from Michaels and glued them together to make the illusion of a giant feather clipped to the side of the hat.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.59.57 PM Feathers-in-Purple-by-Creatology

5. I wore my Oxford-style pumps from Modcloth, again, which I was more than thrilled to see they fit well as Phillip’s riding boots. I get the sense that the more I wear them, the more I feel confident walking in them. Go figure.

Flying-First-Sass-Heel-in-Cognac6. Last, my favorite detail, is this celtic sword brooch I bought from blowpipesandstrikingdrum on Ebay. Reviewing what I had configured from the pieces in my closet, I knew I wanted something bold to cement the appearance of Prince Phillip, and what better accessory than his “mighty Sword of Truth“! 

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 8.59.53 PM

And that sums up my Prince Phillip Disneybound. Thank you so much for reading, and have a merry day!


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