Dapper Day – Disneybound – Olaf

Welcome! I’m a little more than thrilled to talk about this Disneybound, because I wore a darling dress from my new favorite formal wear store.

Like many Disneybounders, BFFL and I chose our characters based on the dresses in our closets at the time [except BFFL may have cheated because she bought the dress when she saw it in Target with an Elsa Disneybound in mind].

1. My own dress can be bought at The Original Penguin store (Yarn Dyed Stripe Dress), a personal favorite of mine. The buttons stretching from waist to neck give the dress a genteel look, which plays charmingly well with the sleeveless aspect of the dress. The look and feel of the dress was an important factor because I wanted to represent the fun-loving snowman, yet still have that dapper style. As the picture below shows the model in flats, this dress can go from casual to formal with a quick change of shoes. Overall, I find this dress to be multipurpose and worth the little extra to pay for it. It also has pockets, a big bonus!


2. To solidify the representation of Olaf, I chose to add a butterfly bow tie for ladies in the color of his carrot nose. What I liked about this bow tie, rather than wear a standard bow tie, was the extended ends add a more feminine touch, allowing the accessory to be both classic and gender specific.

Orange-Buttlerfly-Bow-Tie3. Making their appearance once again in my Dapper Day Disneybound are my Oxford-style pumps from Modcloth. Definitely worth the money I paid at this point.



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