The Merry Penguin is an entertainment website dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the looks representing beloved Disney characters. These looks are also known as Disneybounds, the term and activity created by fashionista Leslie Kay.

This blog is meant to help and inspire others who participate in the art of Disneybounding, as well as encourage camaraderie within the Disney/fashion community. In its pages you will view multiple photographs displaying creative outfits of park visitors, as well as promotions of various events held within the Resort, in particular Dapper Day. Furthermore, you can find links that will take you to other venues, such as online stores, more blogs, electronic journals, all of which can aid every Disneybounder, new and experienced.

When Disneybounding, you are the artist and you are the canvas. Remember that what you wear should reflect your taste, your personality, and your interpretation of that character. The content in this blog makes mere suggestions on how to Disneybound, and in no way dictates any rules of Disneybounding. Should anything be taken away from viewing The Merry Penguin website, let it be this:

Be Inspired. Be Memorable. Be Original.


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